Underground Drainage & French Drains

When we install downspout drainage underground, it is a closed, maintainable system.  

How Our Systems Are Different 

Our systems are different from a normal system that many landscapers install in the following ways. 

Undergrounds have a clean-out where the underground and downspout meet so that they can be blown out with each cleaning and easily maintained by homeowners. 

Undergrounds are installed using thick walled PVC and we seal every seam.  Because we use solid pipe, we are able to ensure the whole system has fall from the downspout to the emitter.  With corrugated tile there will be many dips as the ground settles and heaves over time.  Corrugated tile is also too thin to keep out tree roots, and will crack and fill with dirt with time.

Undergrounds have a french drain as well as an outlet/popup emitter at the end.  If the undergrounds only have a popup emitter, the water will still be in the system and won’t be able to drain out.  We utilize a french drain to allow water to completely drain from the system once the rain has ended. 

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