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Most homeowners are unaware of the damage that can be caused by dirty gutters. Our team of professionals can protect your home and give you peace of mind.


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Why Clean Your Gutters?

With cleaner gutters, you can help prevent:

  • Flooded basements – One of the leading causes of water damage in basements is clogged gutters.  When rainwater comes off your roof, if it is not guided away by cleaned-out gutters, it will flow straight down, settling outside your basement, looking for a way in.

  • Cracked foundations – When water settles around your homes foundation and freezes, it can heave and cause cracks in foundation walls.

  • Roof damage – If water backs up in your gutters, the edge of your roof can be damaged by constant contact with water.  Wood will begin to rot, and will eventually need to be replaced.

  • Slip and falls – When water is not directed away from porches and walkways by clean gutters, it can cause slippery surfaces that are a danger to you and your loved ones.

  • Insect breeding – A debris-filled gutter full of free-standing water is a wonderful place for mosquitoes and other insects to call home.  

When we are finished, your gutters are not just cleared; they are CLEAN.


No residential property is too big or too small.  We offer friendly and professional service to our customers.  You will be glad you chose this safe, efficient, cost-effective gutter cleaning service.


Property owners and managers can trust Presley Gutter Cleaning Services to handle their gutter cleaning effectively, efficiently, and professionally. You can depend on us to deliver the highest quality service to all of your properties.

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We have served hundreds of families and individuals in the greater Lansing area and would love to serve you next! You deserve to have peace of mind in the home that you love. Don’t let dirty gutters cause long-term issues.

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Our work speaks for itself. Check out our gallery to see before and after examples. If you aren’t completely happy, don’t pay us! It’s as simple as that.

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"I desperately needed my gutters properly cleaned because water was pooling and seeping through basement windows. Presley Gutter Cleaning solved my problems quickly and professionally!"


– Jeri Parker – Actual Customer

"Not only were they on time, they were polite, and very reasonable. They also spent a little time talking to me on how to better keep water out of my basement with improving my gutters and downspouts. I highly recommend them!"


A.C. – Actual Customer

"If there were more stars available, I would give them. Their team cleaned my gutters with cheerful professionalism. Even though the garage wasn’t in the quote, they included it anyway. I can’t imagine using another service."


Sarah Thomas – Actual Customer

"The entire process fast and easy. When I saw what an amazing job they did, I was shocked! They even fixed a disconnected gutter that has been haunting me for months. I will use them from now on."

Kirsten Byrnes – Actual Customer

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